Monday, August 22, 2011

Kidnapped. And in love.

So we decided (okay, Punk decided.) to take a spur of the moment road trip. It went something like this:
Me (showered, but pre-coffee groggy): So what do you want to do today?
Punk: I was thinking about Burlington, Vermont. It’s pet friendly.
My husband is a genius. He’s done several things in one breath. He has:
A:Figured out a plan of attack for the day.
B:Made it exciting.
C: Negated any worries about leaving Sophie behind.
D: presented an”open road challenge”!
Sure enough, less than an hour later, we were on the road to Vermont. About 40 minutes after we crossed the border, Punk started telling me about his friend Maggie, who had moved up to… Vermont. We texted Viv, and it turned out we were not even 20 minutes from her restaurant, White Rock Pizza.  So we decided on a side trip, and 5 hours later, our stomachs full of awesome pizza, and me with mucho chardonnay, we are sill here.
Maggie is holding us hostage. She momentarily ran out of the kitchen to proclaim “I’m taking you to the best place for breakfast, ever!”. Did I mention I love this woman already? She’s a tall, thin Stan. Oh, and we are staying here tonight. Given the amount of beer & wine consumed, it’s for the best.
So we are here. In VT. Drunk. We really have earned it. I’m sure T-shirts were involved somehow.

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