Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, 4:30. I refuse to work anymore.

Friday afternoons at work, especially in the summer, suck.  It's really that simple. I've decided to boycott the last 30 minutes of my work day & instead post here.

Most fridays Lauren, god bless her, will go out & pick up nachos & dips of some sort. Maybe she's taking it from our clients - I don't know, and I won't ask her. I'm afraid the supply of snackiness (which also includes munchkins) will dry up & everyone will blame me for rocking the boat. Today it was doritos, salsa & some nacho cheese crap, which prompted this exchange:

Me: The dregs of nacho cheese dip in a bowl looks like something a cat threw up.

Colin (grabbing a chip & scooping): And yet I continue to eat it.

Some Fridays, if we're lucky (and the big bosses aren't around) She'll bring in a 6 pack or two of beer, and a bottle of wine. Today is not one of those days. I can live with that, but I still refuse to work anymore. My client's a douche, so I don't really feel compelled to bust my ass for him. Take that, client!

Bring on the weekend! 

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  1. Haha.
    That's the best way to handle Friday, honestly. We generally split a six at 4:30 on Fridays. Luckily no one at our office gives too many fucks.